What is Roy Academy?

Every individual wants to receive the best of education to achieve his or her dreams. We focus learning with deep conceptual understanding or, more simply, learning with understanding. Advanced study material with deeper level of conceptual understanding is integrated in our courses. Doubt clearing sessions for the students to grasp a better understanding of every topic. Well-mechanized computer labs where students can effortlessly practice mock test series on an online platform. We offer top-notch coaching classes for Bank, SSC, Railways, Insurance, and State-Level Exams at affordable prices. Achieve your dream of securing a government job with one of the best competitive exam institutes in Kolkata.


Why you choose us?

Daily Online Exam

One of the most valuable skills you can have as an online student is effective time management. The better you manage your time, the easier it is to achieve your goals. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, meaning, it’s not about how much time you have, but how well you can manage it. There are options to present various exams for various subjects and for multiple courses. All this can be configured at 24*7 availability, where the students have the option to attend exams at their own convenience.

Month end Exam in computer lab

Well-mechanized computer labs where students can effortlessly practice mock test series on an online platform.24*7 Computer LAB Facility. Familiarization with computer accessories & Software. Time Management During online exams. Improves speed and accuracy. Increase the confidence level in the exam hall. Reduces stress while solving problems. It provides an analysis of each question after online exams. Exact Analysis of each question after online exams.

Digital library and offline libraries

The virtual libraries are an excellent tool to get an education online. They are similar to traditional libraries, but in digitized text formats, some with keys or without keys, others with the option to print. The advantage that virtual libraries have is that there are no schedules for consultations, in addition, anyone has access to books. There are no consultation hours, it can be visited at the time it is needed.


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This site is really helping me to gain knowledge and , also improving our capacity to manage time and quality while doing daily DPS and month-end exams Really grateful to be a part of it. Thank you

Roy academy not only provides the solution but also provides the right approach and short tricks to do it in lesser time. The daily and monthly online tests help to improve accuracy which definitely helps to boost one's score in competitive exams. With its online and offline library facility one can get access to numerous books very easily

Roy academy is the best coaching for all competitive exams. The discipline and rigour at Roy academy that students are given a framework and platform supported by best in class teaching. Roy academy provides online mock exams. Students are clearing their doubts easily. That is why I choose Roy academy.

Such a good place for competitive exam preparation. I am very proud and thanks to Roy academy for supporting me.

Sir I am very obliged with your class and your teaching procedure. It's very helpfull for those students who are not willing to very much attentive in thier study just like me. Sir I am suggesting you that will You finish the chapter a little slower because I'm having trouble for finishing the chapter so quickly.

It is an immaculate institution to grow my basic concepts. With a systemic syllabus and daily examination, Roy academy helps me a lot to evaluate my progress.

Roy Academy taught us with great care. Academy provides up-to-date study material. Here the math is practiced very easy way. Academy provided library facilities as well as we have test weekly and monthly exams.